Welcome to Pink Peppercorn Seafood House

Welcome to Pink Peppercorn Seafood House

Being a Chef can be very demanding - It takes years of hard work and patience to become a good chef. It calls for huge sacrifices of time, treasure, energy and commitment when you are one. Food is my passion, and I feel fortunate to do a job I love, but it also give me a great satisfaction to pass along my experience, not only to a new generation of chefs but to my customers and friends.

The Pink Peppercorn Seafood House makes all events special and memorable with our fine dining style food that will cater to your high standards.

"Our goal is to provide the best cuisine, service and décor to all of our customers, and we are dedicated to making great food accompanied with passion."

My name is Edward; during my world travels across Europe, Asia, North and South America I picked up the cooking of different countries and cultures. Cooking was a constant companion during these travels! Over the years I became adept in cooking various dishes specific to each of the countries and culture.

Thanks for all who have, and continue to provide me, an opportunity to serve you!